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Welcome to Quantock Saddlerys Online Shop for Stable Headcollars and Grazing Masks We have a selection of Leather to nylon.

Greenguard Grazing Mask's

Greenguard Grazing Mask's, Greenguard muzzle is ideal for horses and ponies carrying excess weight, those at risk of laminitis or good doers. Great freedom for the horse. Reduces grass intake. 

Sizes: Small, Large

Colours: Black, Brown, Green, Blue, Red 

(+ postage: £7.50)
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Greenguard Headcollar

Greenguard Headcollar: Specially designed for the Greenguard muzzle to fit to.

Sizes: Small Pony, Pony, Cob, Full size

Colours: Black, Green, Blue and Small Pony Black only

(+ postage: £7.50)
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Leather Bar Muzzle 495 Shires

Leather Bar Muzzle 495 Shires: A leather bar muzzle made from Blenheim quality leather.

Sizes:Pony, Cob, Full size

Colours Havana, Black

(+ postage: £7.50)
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Plastic Muzzle 496 Shires

Plastic Muzzle 496 Shires: A plastic muzzle with an adjustable nylon strap

Sizes: One size

Colours: As supplied

(+ postage: £7.50)

Nylon Grass Muzzle 495N Shires

Nylon Grass Muzzle 495N Shires: This nylon grass muzzle features a rubber base,sides with nylon web bars, a headpiece and throatlatch to keep it in place.

Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full size

Colours: Black and Pink

(+ postage: £7.50)
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