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6100 Bit-Fit Mouth Measurement Tool Shires

6100 Bit-Fit Mouth Measurement Tool Shires: Easy to use device to measure your horse's mouth to determine which size bit your horse requires. One Size



6293 Mini French Link Eggbutt Shires

6293 Mini French Link Eggbutt Shires: A cute little eggbutt for small ponies.

Sizes 3.5", 4"

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500 Sweet Iron Wonder Bit

500 Sweet Iron Wonder Bit: This sweet iron bit has a lever action and the mouthpiece encourages salivation.

Sizes 4.5", 5" & 5.5"

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553 French Link Eggbutt Shires

553 French Link Eggbutt Shires: The flat rings on this french link sits flush against the horses face.

Sizes 4.5", 5", 5.5", 6"

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551 Hollow Mouth Eggbutt Shires

551 Hollow Mouth Eggbut Shires: This eggbutt snaffle has a hollow mouth meaning that it is lighter than the standard solid mouthpiece. Due to its lightweight nature, hollow mouth bits are renowned to be softer than solid bits.

Sizes 4.5", 5", 5.5", 6"

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Kimblewick Slotted & Jointed, Ridingbitz

Kimblewick Slotted & Jointed, Ridingbitz: This high quality stainless bit comes with a curb chain, two slots in the dee's and is jointed the 4" is ideal for small pony's

Sizes 4" 4.5" 5" 5.5" 6"

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