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NuuMed Wool Girth Sleeve EA01

NuuMed Wool Girth Sleeve EA01: A useful item for every rider in case of girth rubs or as a tool for the prevention of rubs on a sensitive or newly clipped horse. Very robust, easy to put on. Made using 100% NuuMed wool.

From 20.40

Size's: 20" & 40"

Colour's: Black Natural or Brown

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NuuMed Animal Print Girth Sleeve EA01A

NuuMed Animal Print Girth Sleeve EA01A: Made in acrylic mock fur fabric. In 28" & 40" lengths. Available in the same patterns as the seat saver.

From 7.40

Size's: 28" & 40"

Prints: Tiger, Brown cow, Black cow, Zebra, & Leopard

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NuuMed Toweling Girth Sleeve EA01B

NuuMed Toweling Girth Sleeve EA01B: An easy and cost effective way of ensuring horses always have a clean girth. Popular in race yards were the same equipment is used by one rider on a number of horses.

Sizes: 40"

Colour: Brown , Navy 

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NuuMed Dressage Wool Girth Sleeve EA02

NuuMed Dressage Wool Girth Sleeve EA02: Smart practical and very easy to put round a girth. Made using 100% Nuumed Wool with velcro fastening along the length of the girth.

From 19.25

Sizes: 20", 26" and 30"

Colours: Black, Brown & Natural

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NuuMed Single Wool Girth Sleeve EA04

NuuMed Single Wool Girth Sleeve EA04: First made for the endurance market where riders looked for protection along the whole length of the girth, these single wool girths with a quilt backing have become popular with riders in all disciplines. Very easy to use. Available in three lengths.

From 26.25

Sizes: 40"- 42"; 44"- 46" & 48"-50"

Colours Black, Brown & Natural 

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